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What attorneys have said about Roselyn's skills as a mediator:

“I’m happy to recommend Roselyn Friedman as a mediator.  Before working with her, I couldn’t believe that a family of siblings whom I had represented for years and who had been feuding since they were kids would ever agree to a settlement about their mother’s estate. But she somehow made it happen!”
“Roselyn brings the perfect skill set to a mediation: a superb base of substantive knowledge coupled with the kind of personal skills that lead to positive results.”
“Our office handles a significant amount of contested probate and trust litigation. Our clients have retained Ms. Friedman on three occasions and have been impressed with her preparation for the mediation, her attention to detail, her determination and hard work during the mediation process, and her ability to mesh with and work with all parties. We recommend Ms. Friedman as a mediator in any contested estate or trust matter.”
“Roselyn’s depth of understanding in the trust and estate area gives her a strong advantage over other mediators in settling these types of disputes.”
“I have used Roselyn Friedman as a mediator in several of my cases, and have been totally satisfied with the results.  At the mediation sessions, her manner is sympathetic and understanding, while at the same time she looks realistically at the facts and works diligently to help the parties reach agreement.  Roselyn is determined to settle every case and, based upon my experience with her, I believe that she can.”

“It was a pleasure working with Roselyn-- she has terrific instincts, and her observations and suggestions were valuable in reaching resolution.”

“Roselyn is a skilled mediator who brings compassion, attention to detail, and diligence to the most challenging situations.  Roselyn’s years of legal experience practicing estate planning and handling complex estate and trust administration matters make her a true asset in any mediation involving estate or trust issues.  We never hesitate to recommend Roselyn in tricky situations involving family conflicts, including those where no formal mediation has commenced.”


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